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Sheriff Mack explains the County Sheriff's power !

Oaths We Will NOT Obey

Washington has gone over the edge with this bill. Will the people in this country allow this to happen? Will you roll over and play dead out of fear and apathy? Better wake up on this one! You have to have water to live !

Win with NON-Compliance

A sane voice is heard in DC.

A message from the Sheriff's Dept;

Some of the Service Men and Women are speaking out !

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Obama will ruin the USA

ALERT ! FLU Shots Cripple our Soldiers !

The video below is extremely important to watch and understand. Could this be the reason there are so many people who seem not to care about freedom or lack the will to stand up and do something about it's loss? How many people do you know that are on some of these drugs?

Watch and pass around to everyone you know, your groups, friends, church, schools everyone. With the new mandates to make every school child undergo a testing for mental illness with or without the parents approval will make sure each child in this country is put under the controll of mind bending, controlling substances. How many will die? How many will suffer? How many will have their lives ruined ? When will we stop this madness?

If everyone would listen to this and take action we could stop the madness and bring our country back to sanity, morality and prosperity.

What Islam Is Not !

The American Tax system is a Voluntary system and so says Harry Reid?

Alan Keys speaks about the Constituition and Obama

There is hope with talent like this

Wonderful story about a family in Passadina Ca. living off their front yard !

You can do it too?

Henry Kissinger: "In this period when a New World Order can be created"

The Big Picture

A real Sheriff finally

Thank you

Sheriff Paul Babeu


-This will work if you help out !

Agenda 21 ( a must see and understand)

Agenda 21
Uploaded by pincerpal

MSNBC attacks other media for not investigating OBAMA?

Concern for the Male Population

Listen to We Not Rich Yet ! Lady's car is being repossessed.

Bush is a good Ducker

Obama Proud to have

Homosexual band in Inaugration Parade

Eye Opening article from the UK

The day we waved good bye to America !

Just show your dog gone Birth Certificate



Secrets of the FED.

Gerald Celente Predicts

Revolution 11/10/08

This one is just for fun

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Celebrate this country. Listen to Diamond Reo

This makes you want to crawl under covers and hide !


Just found this absolutely wonderful video about

We have been telling you all to stock up for a year Have you done it yet ?

Read this and decide if it is time to get busy.

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This video has been removed from the internet on you tube? But you can still see it here:


Vandals spray paint politicians homes over bailout

A Call To Arms For White People Of Truth

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Are you Scared Yet?

Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance


[long article but you need to read it]

Do your Part, sponsor a Executive !

Al Gore sued by 30,000 scientists:

If you read nothing else today make it this article.

This is happening now!

TV Commercial on Obama

A complete Idiots guide to the New World Order

A big "FLAW" in our Constitution?

Obama seems to think there is a distinction between "AMERICANS" and Black Americans? If that is the case then the Germans, Irish, Polish, Italians can all say the Constitution does not protect them as well? Dosen't the word "AMERICAN" cover all of the citizens of the US no matter what their ethnic background is?

Obama on the Bible, Is he suggesting we follow another Religion? He is the Messiah for sure, the Messiah of Change in our Religious beliefs as a Country.

Obama's own racist words !

9/11 New World Order plan: Europe, America vs Russia, China

Listen closely, is he talking about you???

Preserve your own food now!

Some ugly words in video below:

(video is not our words or intention but those sent in by a contributor)

Warning to the New World Order

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